Looking Glasses and Greatness

Great looking glasses are a scarcity on the market. I went on to a competitor’s site today, a company that I admire greatly, to view their looking glasses. I was not impressed. Either they have been selling them like hotcakes or they just haven’t been finding good ones to buy.

This the tricky part about being a dealer. You can go years without seeing something great, but you still have to stock something in order to be able to offer some product. It is self defeating to be out of an item that is in constant demand, so you have to offer something.

That is, ergo, the dilemma. As dealers, we all want to sell the best. Anyone worth their salt in this business knows that they have taste and yet they also know that offering something that is just okay diminishes the overall stock.

In the end, the demand for great things is causing the great things to get expensive. I would rather have an expensive great lot for sale than something average that is cheap. The people who understand this are my clients.

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