Just Say “No”

I was a regular “no” child when I was growing up. I said no to broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, all kinds of fish, and the list keeps going on. I still don’t like cauliflower all that much but fortunately, my taste buds were liberated with time and now I like most vegetables save for the pepper family the members of which are just a tad indigestible to me. It is easy to say no and hard to say yes, because yes always implies the desire to know more.

The problem with “yes” is that the person put into the path of that answer is also being challenged in some manner of speaking. Whether it is trying a new food, going to an independent movie, buying a home, virtually every yes answer entails something new in a person’s life. The campaign, “Just Say No to Drugs” should probably be more about the challenges of saying yes than the serenity achieved in saying no.

Our politicians love saying no. The current image I have of our Congress is of a bunch of pre-schoolers all having temper tantrums simultaneously. Their adherence to principle is not that, it is posturing and it obviates rational discussion. This debt issue is not Republican or Democrat, it is American and for either party to make hay off each other is preposterous. But that is what is happening. It is disgraceful.

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