A Pair of Globes

A rare pair of 12” Regency celestial and terrestrial globes, each globe enclosed by an engraved brass vertical meridian ring as well as a by a horizontal wooden meridian ring depicting a Gregorian calendar with complimentary astrological signs, each globe supported on ebonized bases with four turned legs. Terrestrial globe inscribed, within a green oval: This terrestrial globe containing all the latest discoveries and improvements is respectfully dedicated to the Royal Philosophical Society of EDINBURGH. Projected and Drawn by Robert Scott Mathematician and Geographer, engraved by Kirkwood and Sons….. Under the green oval inscribed: Published as the Act directs by Kirkwood and Sons Edin. This pair is similar to the pair in the library at Claydon House, Buckinghamshire
Scottish, Circa 1806
Kirkwood and Sons made their first globes in 1804, and later added principles to the firm, which were subsequently listed on later globes. Celestial globes date back to antiquity, while terrestrial globes were first used in the 2nd century BC. During the Middle Ages globe manufacture ceased. The art was revived in the 1400s as European interest in the Arts and Sciences once again flourished.


18 inches


16 1/2 inches

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