Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin died this week. I believe that he was 79 years old. I once started an interview with him for Art and Auction magazine but they pulled the plug on those interviews for some reason and Dick, who was by far the most colorful dealer I have known, got left out in the cold.

Dick looked a little like a Cossack except that his eyes were not hard. He had a large moustache that a dealer friend of mine told me a wonderful story about. He was chatting with Dick, Dick’s stories could be quite long, when a little spider showed himself from the interior of the moustache, descended a little ways on his thread and then re-ascended to disappear back into the jungle of Dick’s moustache. Dick was always very intense when it came to talking about antiques. He was the law as far as he was concerned and what he said was the truth, even if it wasn’t. he used to call me the horse and ask me which races I was running in whenever he saw me. I will miss him.

Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph died this week. He and his wife Iona of Iona Antiques, the premier dealers in primitive 18th and 19th century animal paintings in the world, were a fixture at the Grosvenor House Fair and the International Show in New York. A warm, modest, charming man with a lovely laugh and a tremendous sense of humor, I will miss him as well.

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