Choosing a Shipping Company

I am often asked who the best shipper is of antique furniture. The best shipper is always compromised by his weakest link which can be anyone on a bad day. But no bad days is what you are paying for from a good shipper. I have several suggestions, however. If you are shipping from New York to London, for example, it really helps to have someone that you can contact locally, i.e. a company with offices in both places. The frustration of having to call someone on English time about a complaint or enquiry in New York can be beyond aggravation. The second suggestion is that if you purchase something in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, it pays you to contact a local shipper to do the freighting and not to use a New York or London based shipper. It will save you money and if you are explicit, in writing, with the local about packing, method of shipping and insurance, you will probably get as good a job as you will by arranging it with a larger shipper. I once had a sofa table shipped from Oregon for $200 because I liked what the shipper said to me about how he packed. The table arrived unscathed in triple weight cardboard with the table double boxed. I had a shipper in Detroit send me a mirror that was broken in the packing because he was so inept. The box he put everything into was unscathed. I lay the blame with myself because I should have issued written instructions about how to pack the mirror.

It is a charmed person that can elude shipping problems. They happen. If you want someone to blame, hire a knowledgeable agent. One of the best is Mark Aiston. If you want a good shipping company, hire Art Logistics which are in both London and New York. Both Mark and Art Logistics have been very good to me.

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