Hawksmoor in Northants

There are times when the world seems completely insane. War and politics are two obvious culprits and so are country house sales. I am alluding to the sale at Easton Neston, of course, Sotheby’s extravaganza in Northamptonshire. The prices there will be blindingly high and for no (apparent) aesthetic reason. Sotheby’s, and Christie’s for that matter, are old hands at getting the media out in force to see a little of England’s gilded splendor. I went to view the sale on media day and the Sotheby’s PR crew were doing a bang up job for the people wielding cameras and video equipment. It was less a circus and more a controlled happening.

The house is beautiful with a ridiculously long staircase that requires a Sherpa for the trek, a good plasterwork dining room and sensational grounds. The furniture is not much to speak about but what is there will probably sell very well. I was extremely pleased to see the house as it sits beautifully and is quite small by country house standards. I am sorry that the National Trust or the nation or some preservation organization did not go after it, but they probably have their hands full already. Alas, another one bites the dust.

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