High Style Chez Vous

“English furniture is so rich and it only gets better with age.” These are the words of a restorer friend who has been in the business since 1966. He continued to say, “I don’t understand how a wealthy person could not at least give English furniture a look when deciding on a style of decoration.”

Naturally, I concurred with his statements. But it takes time to understand this stuff. It takes a desire to understand it as well. I have spent over thirty years learning about it and I still feel there is more to know. Of course, living with antiques is different than dealing in antiques…, somewhat. To be a dealer you have to want to see your inventory every day. Owning great furniture requires that you look at it. It doesn’t allow you not to. If you can’t live with that, you shouldn’t buy English furniture. The stuff may not be art, but it has presence.

Don’t take my word for it, however. Try it yourself.

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