Creating a Brand

The trouble with creating a brand is the time that is involved in getting that brand known. Advertising is the quickest method, but a phenomenal product usually helps–except in the antique business.

There is always some savant who thinks he knows your product better than you. At the Palm Beach Fair last week, a young French upholsterer came onto my booth and pronounced some English chairs of mine as new, because, he said, the stiles (back legs) should embrace the crest rail. He was dead certain he was right, but English chairs are not built that way. The crest rails in English chairs rest on the stiles. Any fool could tell you this was so.

A dealer informed me at the fair in Palm Beach that someone had crabbed a piece of mine at the Winter Antiques Show. This is one of the problems any dealer has in creating a brand. The agents who advise clients talk as if they knew every piece of furniture on the market. No brand is immune from such chutzpah. Their talk might even be considered slanderous.

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