Furniture and Style

There are few furniture styles that I do not like. Indeed, style in furniture is what makes it great although there is a caveat. It has to function to a reasonable degree if I am either going to own or sell it. My Bugatti secreatire and chair barely make the cut in that regard. I have to say that some architect designed furniture leaves me a little cold although I love the Greene and Greene furnitre. Gaudi deserves a pass for his overall work, but Frank LLoyd Wright fails in my estimation, at least as regards furniture design. I could go on giving thumbs up or down about much more, but I will leave that to another time.

Of course, English furniture qualifies differently from the aforementioned furniture. When you come across something in good condition, with great color, wonderfully made of great materials and the design has that extra fillip of imagination, you know you have found a great piece of English furniture.  It has extraordinary warmth and is very liveable. Try it, you will probably like it.

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