Taste and Style

I thought I should finish up talking about taste in regards to style. Style is not always in good taste, but good taste always has style.

It always amuses me to see Sean Combs dressed like Rex Harrison in “My Fair Lady”. A promoter of the gangsta style, he could not be further from it now. Tom Wolfe, an excellent writer in my opinion, has kept alive the fop in his manner of dress. It is amusing and very stylish.

Function also has a place in determining whether style works. Does Frank Gehry’s museum in Bilbao work? I have been there and found the exhibition spaces perfunctory. Maybe I was there too soon after it opened.

Taste and style are two different things. Choosing to be stylish is always bold as it requires thought and gumption. Choosing to be tasteful can be boring. Designing for function alone can be boring–think of the post war British architecture in London. And yet combining all the elements is what great taste makers/designers try to achieve. It is no easy feat.

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