M. Turpin’s Sale at Christies

The inventory of M. Turpin Antiques was sold at Christies several weeks ago and the net result was over five million pounds. Dick Turpin had an exceptional eye and what went up for sale represents a fraction of the great things he handled over the years. I am sorry that it went up for sale at auction, but if antiques are liquid, it is an unreserved auction that makes them so.

Several dealers suggested to me that Dick would have been appalled that his goods sold under the hammer. I am not so certain of that fact. Dick liked to be known to be clever and this final sale of his goods shows him to have been just that and maybe a little bit more.

Dealers make money when they don’t pay rent by owning their premises and when they continue to buy antiques. Dick, I think, owned his mews houses and he never stopped buying. And because he had a good eye and good instincts, he bought very well. His sale at Christies was only a reminder of how good those instincts and that eye were.

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