Dealers & Auctions (Enough is Enough, at least for now)

It is hard to ignore the auction houses as they churn out sales with hundreds of pieces of furniture, all in a week. I’d like to be able to say that I don’t care, but I do. The auction experience is just so…., I can’t really think of the right word. But to me, I look at the amateurs buying at auction as the sort of people who would order shoes from a catalogue. Be prepared for blisters!

Why do I talk so much about the sale rooms? Well, there is a great deal to say. The negatives are many, and to give equal time, there are a few positives. But their practices would fail any free market analysis and there is an essential conflict of interest. You cannot represent both the buyer and the seller. It isn’t possible and no other business allows it. There is lots more, but that is the real nut that no auctioneer can explain away.

However, I have to let this theme go as I start to resemble Don Quixote. Although there are a great many communities tilting at wind mills these days because of the absurd government subsidies for erecting them, willy-nilly through the windswept countryside. That is another story, of course, but I think Don Quixote has been vindicated just a little bit. After all, when wind mills prove to be dragons, you can’t be quite sure of what to slay next.

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