Dumfries House

The Prince of Wales, it was announced this morning, purchased the contents of Dumfries House which was intended for sale at Christie’s on July 12-13. The house contained unique Adam/Chippendale rococo designs dating prior to Adam’s departure to Rome where he became a confirmed neo-classicist.

Is this a blow to the English furniture business? The publicity would have been nice and I am certain that the lateral thinkers, the pessimsts, the optimists, the outside the boxers will all have a different spin on this. I always like to see new things come on the market because it enlarges the pool of furniture that I can deal in.

Good for the Prince of Wales who deserves a great deal more credit than he usually gets. I wish, however, that he would stick to being an architectural critic and get more of those ghastly concrete structures demolished such as the barracks for the Royal Horse Guards. That is something I could cheer wholeheartedly.

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