Faster Than the Speed of Light

At times, it seems as if being a physicist must be the coolest job in the world. An editorial in the NY Times today waxed eloquently on the solstice, which is tomorrow and is also the day of the most fleeting shadows of the year. Extrapolating therefrom, the writer, Margaret Wertheim who is currently writing a book on physics and the imagination, demonstrates how shadows can actually exceed the speed of light, the fastest physical phenomenon known to man. The only problem is that shadows have no substance.

In the antiques trade, there are two distinctly different sides to the business. There is the buying side and the there is the selling side. The two sides are self explanatory, but what is clear is that very few people embody both sides of the business. As a buyer and a not particularly good seller, I would say that the selling side has little to no substance. I am wrong to say that, however, as all the selling side needs is integrity and it has plenty of substance. The Latin adage, caveat emptor, was coined for a reason, however. I would pay heed to it still, just in case you are dealing with the shadow and not the substance.

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