Free Speech

After spending half an hour on Youtube watching all manners of political commentary and their peanut galleries, left and right wing, I have to say the right to free speech seems overextended (boy. would this doom my candidacy if I was running for office). Of course, I don’t really mean that, but we are a nation that believes that incivility and profanity and personal insult is a recognized form of debate. I would not dare to question the intelligence of such people, but I might ask that they learn how to spell before they spew their screed. I might also suggest a few years in college to help elevate debating skills.

If this sounds elitist, it is only because it sounds that way. It isn’t that way, however. Discussion is not declamatory. Refutation is not put down. If your beliefs are credible, then articulate them. The rest is, well, not worth talking about.

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