“Distant Star”

…is a novel by Roberto Bolano that is well worth the read. It is part detective novel, part suspense novel and a delicate and devastating swipe at the Pinochet era in Chile. I bought two books by Bolano and I look forward to the second one.

Great furniture can be a bit like an epic novel, but it can also be something that is out of the ordinary. Bolano’s novel sort of sneaks up on you. I have a pair of rococo mirrors that do the same. They are obviously rococo, but they somehow seem different. They are, both in the way they are carved and in the way they are composed. A little thought and you can see how they are different. I like that about them.

The decorative arts are about interpretation of generally functional forms. I hate to be so non-specific, but some decorative arts are not at all about function. Nevertheless, there is a lot of nuance within those boundaries. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not so, but it is almost never boring. What is really interesting is that it hardly matters what style or era the piece is made in. How nice it is that styles don’t march in lockstep.

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