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The paper we love to hate, The New York Times, is at it again. An article about collecting that features auction houses and collectors and doesn’t quote a dealer? That is sort of like trying to make Kool Aid with ice, it doesn’t really work no matter how precise your measurements are.

One of the collectors amused me greatly in the article. She says that she bids to where the dealers, who have to buy wholesale according to her, drop out and then she bids one more and takes home the prize. I do hope that Bill Gates doesn’t take a shine to the things she collects. She could have an expensive auction or two in her future.

Seriously now, auction houses get articles per sale. They want to sell all those articles. That is their job. Don’t you think that they will try to sell every piece to someone? Do you think, given the vast quantity of things that come around the salerooms that every collector is going to get personal attention?

Auction houses are vital as a source, but dealers are vital for knowledge, and collectors, like the lady who is so clever to outbid the dealers, should be smart enough to know what they don’t know and that is usually a great deal. And The New York Times? They should learn learn to publish more balanced articles.

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