Fakes and Other Things

I was asked by a journalist today what I thought about scandals to do with faking in antique furniture. My mind immediately jumped to the mortgage backed derivatives that theoretical economists developed and which has nearly dissolved the financial structure of the globalized world. I was wondering if one of these economists might have done well in creating fake Chippendale furniture as they were so good at creating false value.

No one likes to get fooled. Not only do they not like getting fooled, they don’t like other people to know that they were fooled. This is a conundrum for a foolee as they are unable to admit their foolery. It is a difficult position to be in.

Fakes, as the mortgage derivatives have proven, are a part of life. Fakery is everywhere. There are fake emotions, fake intellectuals, a fake vice presidential candidate, it is astounding how credible we can be. I sort of wonder whether we should inure ourselves to living a lie? Having just finished reading “East of Eden” where neither innocence or evil is a favored state, I would say, as one of the characters does, that “truth is more permanent”.

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