Politics Ascendant

To watch an alleged debate between two candidates running for president is a form of torture that this country thinks gives them the information needed to vote for either candidate. I don’t think so. McCain comes across as platitudinous and condescending and Obama sounds frustrated by the fact that no one seems to get the solution he is offering. I have sympathies for both candidates in that these times require a great deal of analysis that belie sound bite answers. This country is in a mess and needs, to begin with, a leader that has courage and an inner compass that is able to withstand the pressure of special interests. So far, I think Obama is ahead on that score.

The running mates are a different matter. The NY Times editorialists, Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd both focus on McCain’s running mate today. That candidate’s willingness to play the attack dog is a disgrace to the American political system. It is contemptuous of the voters and ignores the realities we are facing from financial melt downs to job losses. Obama’s running mate is getting no press which may be a good thing, but I do wish there was a second debate that focused on the legitimacy of character slagging. Soap opera should be fictional television fare, not part of our political process.

As an antique dealer who has had the good fortune to care about aesthetics all my life, a non-threatening environment if ever there was one, I regret having to talk about politics in this blog. I would much rather talk about the beauty of the world as seen in art and antiques, but this campaign is extraordinary. That one VP nominee has me more scared than I can say. If she ends up running this country, my hopes for the future of America will be on very shaky ground.

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