A Republican friend called and asked if I was gloating over Obama’s victory. I said, “no, that isn’t what I care about”. I have to admit that I like John McCain, but his campaign made some terrible missteps beginning with his choice for VP and continued with some of the Roveian tactics that he used on Obama.

Obama is going to be watched with close scrutiny by his opponents and his errors will be shouted from the rooftops. That should be the case with every president and is something we have given the current occupant a pass on. Presidents are, after all, the final say-so. I feel that their concentration should always be on the fundamentals, basically health, education and infrastructure.

Frankly, politics in the end bores me rigid. When, for example, ten men can see a goal that they want but need to argue over the path to that goal and indeed find themselves at times going the opposite direction to allegedly achieve that goal, I will happily leave them to argue it among themselves. But when Rome is burning, you would think that putting the fire out is of urgent importance. The smoke is getting thicker.

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