Unusual Victories

t would be churlish to deny that the Obama win was a victory over racism. It most certainly was and will, I hope, empower minorities around America and the world to believe in themselves and the strength of democracy and equality. That being said, however, I voted for a man with high ideals and strong convictions and a lucid intelligence, nothing more and nothing less.

It was just over a year ago when my sister sent me an email to say that Obama was an interesting candidate. I started to look at him seriously and by November of last year, I was a supporter. As I am also a fan of the NY Giants football team, my hopes were akin to those I have for them winning the Super Bowl every season–next to nil. As it happens, however, they did win the Super Bowl. I should have suspected it was to be a year of upsets.

Do I know that he will be a good president? No, I don’t. But I like his resolution, his tenacity and I like the fact that he favors dialogue to reach a consensus. That our nation is divided on a great many issues is clear, but we still have to live and work together as a team. The Giants figured it out and made the improbable happen. May our nation do the same.

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