Being Big

As a tall person, I find a number of disadvantages to being big. Trains and boats and planes are all uncomfortable forms of transportation. Clothing is made for average sized people making it quite difficult to find things that fit. I like being tall, but it is not a piece of cake.

William Doyle Galleries had an oversized Mason’s ceremonial chair from the 18th century (I think–I didn’t look at it too closely) in their January sale and I have to say that it looked freakish. Items that are out of scale, particularly overscaled items, can often look freakish.

Companies that get too large can also have a freakish side. That side is lack of control. It is clear that our banking system veered out of control. So did AIG and there are probably quite a few more ticking time bombs out there.

Ronald Reagan’s belief that “government is the problem” has an ironic twist in these days. It is very clear that big business has an equal propensity to big government for screwing things up, ideology notwithstanding. I am quite certain that government does not have all the answers, but I am equally certain that big business doesn’t have many either. Being big is not as easy as it looks.

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