Economic Slowdown

The nature of the moment has a great many people, if not scared, then extremely uncertain. It is hard to imagine how unexciting life was only a year or two ago by comparison. But that isn’t the way it is now and, as anyone who has lived through any tragedy knows, it will eventually pass.

Tragedy, in the form of war, was a recurring theme of the 18th century. England did, however, manage to avoid war for nearly twenty consecutive years under the first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole (1721-1742). As far as furniture goes, it was a period of great maturation of style. Never again, at least from 1740 onwards, would England be beholden to slavishly copying the style of another country. Its craftsmen and designers could hold their own with those of any nation, Italy and France notwithstanding.

The economic slowdown is, I believe, as much a crisis of leadership as anything else. There is the need for those in the position of authority to look to how they do things. Their leadership must be based on thoughtful action. That would be nice for a change.

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