Function Per Se

I remember the great delight I had upon seeing the Guggenheim in Bilbao. It is an appealing sight, sort of quirky and unusual and distinctly eye catching. However, I thought the interior prosaic and no advance whatsoever on the display of art. Some friends disagreed with me, but they admitted that they were on a romantic weekend and said that they were biased for whatever else was happening in their lives. I do remember a program I saw on Gehry’s building at MIT where he forgot to include closets. I think that observation reminded me of the exhibition space in Bilbao.

I know function when it comes to furniture. Chairs that have seats higher than 19″ do not sit well with most people. Table tops over 30″ that you sit at are also non-starters as a rule. I am not a stickler for detail, but functionality has boundaries for all of us.

I remember wandering around Buenos Aires thirty or so years ago and happening on a high end clothes shop one Sunday morning. I was the only person in the shop and the sales lady was determined to sell me a coat that was three sizes too small for me. Upon getting me into it, she, sweating from the effort, said, “magnificent”. I took the compliment, but not the coat.

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