Pricing and Value

The English antique furniture market caught an upward momentum in pricing in the 1980’s that has only just faltered with the economic melt down. The re-valuation is in process and that some of the high prices of just two years ago now seem one notch short of insane.

The speculative money that enters off beat markets such as antiques has gone to ground. The auctions of the 80’s which were almost social affairs have dwindled to being ten to fifteen people in the salesroom. The self styled experts have disappeared leaving the field to the antiques trade which almost cannot afford the new low prices because many of their customers have gone to ground as well. Has the value of English antique furniture diminished?

I would say that English antique furniture has gone down in price, but not in value. English antique furniture is a decorating gold standard that works in both town and country. It is comfortable, handsome and extremely versatile. Every decorator who wants to create a sophisticated space that combines such requirements will think of English antique furniture first and foremost. It has not lost its appeal and it may be even more appealing at lower prices.

None of this answers the question of just how much English antique furniture is worth at this moment. The re-valuation may already be over, or it may have just begun or be somewhere in between. However, I know as a dealer that if I see something unique somewhere and it appeals to me and I want it, I will go to great lengths to take that piece back to my shop. The truth of the situation is, for me at least, that the item is worth more than the money.

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