Death by Bicycle

I flew out to San Francisco last week to spend some time with my children, Henry and Alice. Alice lives there and Henry was visiting from London. Alice works for Geographic Expeditions, a high end travel company, and made in depth itineraries for both of us, Henry’s covering one extra day as he arrived earlier than me. On Wednesday morning, I was kitted out with a bicycle, my son already had his, and we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Death by bicycle can occur in several ways. One is by falling in front of or being hit by a motorized vehicle. The other is through sheer exhaustion. I bicycle in New York City, but this is a flat city, more or less, and hills can be avoided. So when you aren’t used to using your quadriceps, you have to draw on something else, usually your essential life force. That being said, when you use essential life force for something as trivial as one or two steep hills on a bicycle, you are opening the door to malady. In my case, I got sinusitis.

The lack of essence had me in bed Friday morning, foregoing a day on the slopes skiing with my children. By Saturday, however, drugged up with decongestants, etc., I was out there, knowing that more essential life force was being squandered. I just had to watch them ski, both of them are justifiably good skiers these days which is saying something given the paucity of instruction in their youths. In any case, I am now getting over bronchitis because of those nasty California hills navigated on a bicycle. I only have one question. Did those children of mine do it on purpose?

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