My son recently sent me a book by Edward Luce entitled, “Time to Start Thinking”. It is about the US government and its dysfunction and it is scary. Luce is the bureau chief from the “Financial Times” in London and his view point is non-partisan. He sees too many duplicative committees, too much money, too little knowledge and too little compromise in Washington. As an independent, I take no offense at his lampooning either party. In essence, he reveals that they lampoon themselves.

The English furniture business has fewer dealers at this time than ever before. One might say that the business is dying, but I know that not to be the case. Today’s buyers are the savviest I have ever met and they don’t object to price when the object is worth it. They know that fashion is fickle and that their purchases today will be worth a great deal more in the long run if they buy well now. The diminished trade is only a facet of current economic conditions which will, in time, alter and cause a re-analysis. Great furniture, after all, will always be great.

The future is not determined by the past, the past just serves as a reminder that mistakes are a part of life. Our sclerotic government doesn’t seem to see this, however. Fortunately, those of us in the English furniture business do and we have adapted. The government’s answer is to set up a committee which will be influenced by lobbyists who will water down proposals and ultimately end up being wasted time and effort. I await the committee that will study the end of committees. Hope springs eternal.

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