Masterpiece Fair

As an English furniture dealer, I view fairs and shows with trepidation. The hassle of moving furniture, large and small is immense as pieces of veneer get ripped off, keys get lost, glue blocks fall off, glass gets shattered and some things just disappear. And yet fairs and shows are vital to our industry, all hassles notwithstanding.

Therefore, I have to give even greater credit to the Masterpiece Fair because of the large number of furniture and decorative arts dealers showing their goods. I am not saying this because I am a furniture dealer, I am saying it because the objects on display were superb. So was the venue, well lit with wide aisles.

It is the dealers of course who make Masterpiece, but the venue helps as well. The importance of this particular fair, the heir to the Grosvenor House Antiques Fair which ended three years ago, is to demonstrate that London still has a claim to being the capital of, if not the arts world, the antiques world. It is a strong claim indeed and has me thinking that I should emigrate?

Never. New York is still a state of mind and I have the Spring Show NYC to work on to show this city’s commitment to the decorative arts world. We both just need buying customers and even the best fairs these days can be short of them. In the meantime, kudos to the exhibitors, the organizers and the planners. Masterpiece is a great fair indeed.

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