Spring and the Spring Show

The tulips have had a very good spring. No high winds or intense downpours have stripped the petals from the flower. Furthermore, there have been very few frosts, so it isn’t just the tulips that have prospered. It has been a very unusual spring from a meteorological perspective and we have benefitted by unusually long flower retention. It certainly brightens up the spring.

Condition is of huge importance to antique dealers. Not just personally, of course, but of the items we buy. We would all love to be able to buy that untouched rarity that Chippendale put into place two hundred and sixty years ago, but that just isn’t possible. Restoration is inevitable. When it is good restoration, a piece will continue to thrive. Poor restoration only hastens its demise.

The Spring Show, NYC opens tonight. It is a great show with, at least from my perspective, the friendliest exhibitors you will find anywhere. The ASPCA is the charity for opening night and their help and participation reflects their commitment to their mission. They are great partners. Should you read this and be in NYC, I will happily leave you a ticket at the door. It closes May 5, Sunday.

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