The annual CINOA (Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres d’Art) conference was held in Dublin this year in early June. CINOA is the umbrella group for a number of top end art and antiques organizations around the world and most of the attendees were from the Europe, but there was one Australian, a former member of the CINOA Council who resigned this past year. The group is, in a word, diverse with Russians, Swedes, Austrians, Germans and more.

The business side of the conference was about the primary issues facing members. In Europe, it is artist resale rights, a law that is often less than clear. In the U.S. our primary issue is how the laws on the ban of trade in ivory are being ramped up to include both new and antique ivory. There are other issues as well, but these always take the most time because we are all stunned at how law makers seem so arbitrary in their initiation of new regulations. Bureaucrats must have their fun!

The best part of these conferences was, and is always, the down time. Dinner at Trinity College with members of the Irish Antique Dealers Association (IADA) was great fun and visits to Castletown and Russborough Houses, both within reasonable drives from Dublin, were quite rewarding as I saw examples of several items that are in my current inventory. Finally, Dublin is on a wonderful scale, no super tall buildings, with a large proportion of them being Georgian or earlier. What more could I want?