Ode to the Timeless?

The word timeless, when used to describe a designer, is supposed to mean that what he or she may design will never need re-designing. What a thought! Any interior designer that wants to be timeless should ponder a professional change, because interiors are nothing if they are not about change. What about all those country homes and palaces, you may ask? Well, there are exceptions to every rule, but in the year 2015, change is not only to be expected, it is mandatory.

I well remember the modernist interiors of the 1950’s. People who decorated in such a contemporary fashion were thought to be futuristic, as if they saw something that no one else could see. The bright colors, the use of plastic and laminates and metal were all thought to be the future for all decors. Of course, there was a backlash and traditional style came roaring back, once again.

One would hope that there is a sifting of what is good, what is better and what is best as time goes by. I am not so certain that is true. Mediocrity is a function of fulfilling market demand and, if the demand is sustained for any length of time, the market gets flooded by ever worse imitations of what started out as fresh and different. Timelessness has nothing to do with what sustains a look. That is due to inertia and many designers might wish their customers weren’t quite so into the timelessness of their work.

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